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Are you in the MOM NETWORK?

Posted on September 26, 2017 by Dale Wilsher No Comments

Have you signed up to be a part of the MOM NETWORK yet?

If not, let me tell you all about it.
In 2 weeks, on Monday October 9, we are bringing together a group of women, called the MOM NETWORK, to create a community around a topic important to moms, to share our experiences, to reflect on important questions, to set goals and commit to actions toward abundant life. All during naptime.
We are going to
  • provide wisdom to navigate your daily challenges as a mom.
  • show you how to build deeper friendships and healthier connections with family and friends.
  • give you ways to build your faith and learn to hear from God.
  • help you with common mom struggles like stress, impatience, and a sense of overwhelm.
The MOM NETWORK is drop-in group coaching, meaning that you can pick the topics that interest you and pass on those that don’t. There’s no commitment, but we hope you’ll join us as often as possible. And it’s only $25.
So what’s group coaching?
“Group coaching is a facilitated group process led by a trained coach and created with the intention of maximizing the combined energy, experience, and wisdom of the group to reach their goals.”
We’re going to meet once a month for 90 minutes on a bridge line, which is like a big conference call. There will be introductions, teaching time, coaching questions for you to answer, and then a time to commit to changes you want to make. You’ll be able to listen, ask questions, and share answers. You’ll be able to follow the teaching points with PP slides on your computer and handouts available for download.
The topic of our first meeting is Parenting Introverts & Extroverts:  Understanding the unique needs of your child. We are going to help you discern your child’s personality type then explore their unique needs, strengths, and fears. You’ll receive 2 Tip Sheets, a DISC Personality Grid, descriptors for each personality type, and 20 one-liners you can use to affirm and encourage your child’s type.
Here’s some upcoming topics.
  • NOVEMBER:  Becoming more Authentic as a Friend, Wife, and a Mom
  • DECEMBER:  Setting and Maintaining Boundaries
  • JANUARY:  Time Management as a Mom
  • FEBRUARY:  Managing & Subduing Sibling Rivalry
  • MARCH:  Overcoming Overwhelm as a Mom
  • ARPIL:  Learning to Discern the Voice of God
If you are interested in joining us, here’s what you need to do,
  • Click here to register. There’s no obligation with this step. Once you register you’ll receive emails alerting you to our topic that month and giving you an opportunity to join us.
  • If you choose to join us, you’ll pay $25 in the store on my website.
  • You’ll then receive a welcome email from me with all the information you need, including the call in number, password, handouts, and PP presentation.
  • Then a few minutes before 1pm MST on the second Monday, you’ll pull up the PP on your computer, call the bridge line, sit back and get ready to connect.
The MOM Network starts Monday October 9 and runs from 1:00-2:30pm MST.
Contact me here with any questions.
I hope you’ll be a part of the MOM NETWORK!!!



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