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MOM NETWORK starts Monday!

Posted on October 3, 2017 by Dale Wilsher 1 Comment

In 6 short days we will be launching our first MOM NETWORK coaching call.  Don’t miss it.  Listen in to learn more.

We will meet from 1:00-2:30pm MST on Monday, October 9 to discuss the personality types of our children.

If you’ve ever been stumped by your child’s behavior or triggered by their nutty actions–this is the call for you.

We will look at the 4 personality types and the needs of each type.  We will look at the strengths and fears of each type.

You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of your child, fresh ideas for parenting their type and 20 one-liners to say to your child to affirm and encourage their strengths.

Sign up now!



Are you in the MOM NETWORK?

Posted on September 26, 2017 by Dale Wilsher No Comments

Have you signed up to be a part of the MOM NETWORK yet?

If not, let me tell you all about it.
In 2 weeks, on Monday October 9, we are bringing together a group of women, called the MOM NETWORK, to create a community around a topic important to moms, to share our experiences, to reflect on important questions, to set goals and commit to actions toward abundant life. All during naptime.
We are going to
  • provide wisdom to navigate your daily challenges as a mom.
  • show you how to build deeper friendships and healthier connections with family and friends.
  • give you ways to build your faith and learn to hear from God.
  • help you with common mom struggles like stress, impatience, and a sense of overwhelm.
The MOM NETWORK is drop-in group coaching, meaning that you can pick the topics that interest you and pass on those that don’t. There’s no commitment, but we hope you’ll join us as often as possible. And it’s only $25.
So what’s group coaching?
“Group coaching is a facilitated group process led by a trained coach and created with the intention of maximizing the combined energy, experience, and wisdom of the group to reach their goals.”
We’re going to meet once a month for 90 minutes on a bridge line, which is like a big conference call. There will be introductions, teaching time, coaching questions for you to answer, and then a time to commit to changes you want to make. You’ll be able to listen, ask questions, and share answers. You’ll be able to follow the teaching points with PP slides on your computer and handouts available for download.
The topic of our first meeting is Parenting Introverts & Extroverts:  Understanding the unique needs of your child. We are going to help you discern your child’s personality type then explore their unique needs, strengths, and fears. You’ll receive 2 Tip Sheets, a DISC Personality Grid, descriptors for each personality type, and 20 one-liners you can use to affirm and encourage your child’s type.
Here’s some upcoming topics.
  • NOVEMBER:  Becoming more Authentic as a Friend, Wife, and a Mom
  • DECEMBER:  Setting and Maintaining Boundaries
  • JANUARY:  Time Management as a Mom
  • FEBRUARY:  Managing & Subduing Sibling Rivalry
  • MARCH:  Overcoming Overwhelm as a Mom
  • ARPIL:  Learning to Discern the Voice of God
If you are interested in joining us, here’s what you need to do,
  • Click here to register. There’s no obligation with this step. Once you register you’ll receive emails alerting you to our topic that month and giving you an opportunity to join us.
  • If you choose to join us, you’ll pay $25 in the store on my website.
  • You’ll then receive a welcome email from me with all the information you need, including the call in number, password, handouts, and PP presentation.
  • Then a few minutes before 1pm MST on the second Monday, you’ll pull up the PP on your computer, call the bridge line, sit back and get ready to connect.
The MOM Network starts Monday October 9 and runs from 1:00-2:30pm MST.
Contact me here with any questions.
I hope you’ll be a part of the MOM NETWORK!!!



Why is my child so different from me?

Posted on September 7, 2017 by Dale Wilsher No Comments


Is your child a real mystery to you?  Does he do things you’d never do?  Does she say things you’d never say?  Do you struggle to connect with them because you just don’t understand what makes them tick?

Well, first of all, this is quite common.  You’re not alone.  When I spoke with the coordinator of an upcoming parenting conference, she told me that their most requested topic was understanding children’s personality types.

The great news is that there are real answers to your questions about your child.

Understanding  your child’s unique personality provides helpful information about their emotional needs and signature strengths.  It can immediately improve your family’s communication and build connection and trust.  It can help you adjust your expectations and communicate in ways so that everyone feels accepted and heard.

If this sounds like just what you need, then join me on

Saturday, October 21, 2017 from 9am-12pm

at First Presbyterian Church in Boulder for the

 Personality Parenting Seminar


Come solo or bring your spouse.  Childcare is provided.  This will be a great opportunity to learn about your child’s type as well as your own personality type.

It’s so important to remember that you were designed by God with your own type, your own set of strengths and weaknesses, to be the perfect parent to your children.  The things you do well and the things you can’t do at all, make you the perfect person to love, guide and connect with your child.

Click here for more information, a short video, and registration.

Hope to see you there!


Hey Mom, Re-entering the Workforce?

Posted on August 28, 2017 by Dale Wilsher No Comments

Hey Mom, re-entering the workforce?

  • Maybe finances are tight and you have additional expenses.
  • Maybe kiddos are headed to college and man! is that expensive.
  • Maybe you’re separated or newly divorced.
  • Maybe you need more purpose and a greater sense of contribution.
  • Maybe your children are getting older and you want to be prepared to re-enter the workforce well.

Whatever your reason, the Off To Work Moms Group Coaching Program is for you!  


Work with a small group of motivated moms to uncover your strengths and skills to find the perfect job for you.  Group coaching is a more affordable way to get the resources and accountability you need to reach your goals AND a more interactive way to get the support and camaraderie you need to stay excited and focused.  Register now to get the Early Bird Discount. Coaching starts on October 23, 2017.



Know a Mom Going Back to Work?

Posted on August 14, 2017 by Dale Wilsher No Comments

Do you know a mom who wants or needs to go back to work either part-time or full-time AND isn’t quite sure where to start?

Could that mom be you?

No matter what the circumstances or reasons behind your decision, the

Off To Work Moms Coaching Program may be just what you need.


Going back to work is often a time of confusion, insecurity and difficulty.  We wonder, Am I qualified to do anything?  What types of skills do I have?  What’s the right job for me and my family?  Where do I even begin?  With a little help and direction, finding the right job can be exciting, intentional, and empowering.  So let’s get you started!

In this six session group coaching program you’ll learn about:

  • The marketable skills you already possess and how to leverage them to find meaningful work.
  • The jobs that maximize your strengths and allow you to contribute your best to the world.
  • Your unique personality type, your signature strengths, and the ideal environments in which to work.
  • Your personal values and how to align them with your work.
  • Your vision, mission and purpose and how they can direct your path.
  • Your personal network and how the people you already know can help you land a great job.

The Off to Work Moms Coaching Program consists of six group coaching sessions, 90 minutes in length, in a conference call format starting Monday 9/25/17 1:00-2:30pm MST and ending Monday 12/4/17.  The group will meet every other week and hold no more than 6-8 participants. Each participant will receive a DISC personality assessment report, two 45 minute individual coaching sessions, six 90 minute group sessions, a private FB group, tools, handouts and homework to help you get off to work.  The total cost is $499 from now until August 31.  September 1 the cost will rise to $569.

Before you assume that your only choices are to do daycare, work at your child’s school, or become the next barista (because we’ve heard about those benefits), take a little time to understand your design, your qualifications, and all the opportunities out there.  Tell your friends.  Spread the word.

You have been Uniquely Designed for Ultimate Impact!  Let’s get you Off To Work!

To reserve your spot and receive the Early Bird Discount, fill out the registration form here:

Dale will contact you via email and get you signed up and ready to start.










Whatcha Doing on Friday?

Posted on June 14, 2017 by Dale Wilsher No Comments

Hi everyone!

If you are free this Friday, June 16, join me on Channelmom radio as we talk about understanding the personality types of our children.


This will be great information for you if you

  • sometimes wonder what makes your child tick
  • struggle to understand your child
  • get triggered by their behaviors
  • are curious to know why they are so different from you
  • desperately need to find a way to communicate and connect with your child

After an overview of all types, we will focus this episode on our little extroverts.


Listen in this Friday from 1:00-1:30pm on the radio (94.7 FM), online (94.7 The Word Online) or watch us on FB Live and type your personality questions into the comment bar.  ChannelMom’s page on Facebook is:


As an extra bonus…

There will be 2 free Tip Sheets on my website for you to download, one for parents of introverts and one for parents of extroverts.

Don’t miss out!


Real.Life Check Up: Health

Posted on May 31, 2017 by Dale Wilsher No Comments

IMG_2390Yesterday I ran the Bolder Boulder, a 10K race, that winds through the streets of Boulder, Colorado, while bands play, belly-dancers perform, and neighbors cheer. It’s an absolute blast. And, even more important for an accomplishment-driven woman like me (I’m a Doer and a D on the DISC), it was one of my 2017 health goals.

Do you have health goals for this year? If so, have you written them down? And if you did that, do you remember where you put them?

It’s not enough to just think about your goals. Thinking engages the right hemisphere of your brain but writing engages the left hemisphere of your brain, the side that generates logic and planning.

If you want to turn your desires into reality, write down your goals. The tyranny of urgent requests from your children, your boss, and your bills will always seek to crowd out the important things in life. Don’t let them. Write your goals down.

Research show that mere act of writing down your goals increases the likelihood of achieving them by 35-70% (depending on which study you read). Those are big numbers. If you continue to review your goals each month and even each week AND rewrite them AND display them on your refrigerator, bathroom mirror or office wall, you will start to live according to your plans and not the plan of others.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

Take today’s Health Check Up Quiz. See how you score. Where you answer Yes, congratulate yourself for areas that you’ve already established good habits. Where you answer No, turn the statements in Health Goals for 2017.



  • I wake energized, and rested, and on time.
  • I have an my exercise routine in which I move for at least 30 minutes, 3x/week.
  • I limit my alcohol consumption and don’t rely on it for stress or problem relief.
  • I drink plenty of water each day.
  • I am pleased with my food choices. They fuel me for the day.
  • My immune system is strong. I don’t get sick more than 1-2x/year.
  • I make adequate time for play and rest.
  • I know what activities are fun and restful for me.
  • I am within 10 pounds of my goal weight.
  • I take good care of myself.
  • I’m addressing all my health concerns with a medical professional.

If you answered Yes to all 11 questions, you are enjoying abundant physical health!

If you answered Yes to 7-10 questions, your life is full and whole but not all of your health potential has been realized.

If you answered Yes to 4-6 questions, you are surviving more than thriving with your health.

If you answered Yes to 0-3 questions, God has so much more health to offer you.


What health goals are you going to establish today?


Real.Life Check-Up: WORK

Posted on May 16, 2017 by Dale Wilsher No Comments

Are you living wholly, fully, abundantly, and intentionally?

That is our question.  It’s a big one, with high standards, and wide borders.  And it’s important since this is the only life we’ve got.

In the last two posts, we’ve looked at whole, full, abundant, and intentional living in two big areas:  personal growth and relationships.

Today we will look at work.

woman's work war poster

Are you living large in your area of service, whether you get paid or not?  Do you consider your work a job or a career? What if you could take that up a notch and think of your work as your calling?  Now, that’s something to shoot for.

60% of Christians have NO idea about their calling.  Do you know yours?


Take this short quiz to determine how healthy you are with work:

  • I love my work.
  • My job is a great fit for me.
  • 80% of who I am lines up with 80% of what I do.
  • My income is sufficient for my needs.
  • Daily work tasks have significance because I can tie them to my purpose.
  • My work allows me to contribute my strengths to others.
  • I have a good work/life balance.
  • I see opportunities for growth and promotion.
  • I’m proud of the work I’m accomplishing.

If you answered Yes to all 9 questions, you are enjoying abundant work!

If you answered Yes to 6-8 questions, your work is full and whole but not all of your potential has been realized.

If you answered Yes to 3-5 questions, you are surviving more than thriving at work.

If you answered Yes to 0-2 questions, God has so much more to offer you through work.


In a 2003 study of the American workforce, only 50.7% of respondents said they’re satisfied with their current jobs.  That number had actually gone down 15% from a study just 10 years prior.

If this describes your feelings, remember God designed you for abundant work.  He has given you a calling.  You have been wired with amazing strengths to reflect a slice of His image in your home and in the world.  He wants you to use them, contribute them, and let them bless others.

If you don’t know what your signature strengths are, start by taking a DISC personality test.  Ask me how.




Spending Time on the Skinny Branches

Posted on May 12, 2017 by Dale Wilsher 2 Comments

In Morocco the goats are crazy.  Or maybe I should say motivated.  They are so into the the fruit of the argan tree that they will risk life and limb to get a taste.  Just look at them.

goat skinny branches

At first I thought they were crazy, but now I think they are AWESOME.  They absolutely inspire me.

I’ve recently been introduced to the term skinny branches.  Have you heard that before?  Skinny branches refer to the places in our lives that we don’t feel secure.  The places that make us feel uncomfortable.  The places that scare the life out of us.

Skinny branches are the places of greatest risk.

And these crazy goats regularly head out on the skinny branches, and I want to too.

Transitioning from a stay-at-home mom to a full-time coach/speaker has required a lot of courage, energy, and hard work.  And it’s paid off.  I’m doing it, and some days I think I’m doing it pretty well.  But as I look to take my business to the next level, I’m going to have get out on some skinny branches meeting new people, cold-calling businesses, and asking for what I want.  And I’m going to have to do it everyday which isn’t easy.

You see most of us, by nature, like to play it safe.  We like our comfort zones and the security they provide.  We like things that are familiar and certain, keeping our blood pressure and stress levels low.  We like to know what to expect by maintaining a cozy status quo.  Me too.

But I also want to grow.  I want to live wholly, fully, abundantly, and intentionally.  I want to get to the end of my life and have no regrets.  I want to see just how big God is and what He can do through me.  That means that I must embrace a practice of living on the skinny branches.

How about you?

Do you need to have a hard conversation?  Do you need to learn something new?  Do you need to try something you’ve never done before?  Do you need to set a boundary?  Do you need to take action?

Then join me on the skinny branches, the place that heightens our awareness of Jesus and gives us eyes to see Him.  Just as Jesus called Peter to walk out onto the waves with Him (Matthew 14:24-32), He’s calling you to join Him on the skinny branches.  We are never out there on our own.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do something everyday that scares you” because you are held and supported by the Son of God.

What skinny branch will you go out on today?






Real.Life.Relationship Check-Up

Posted on May 1, 2017 by Dale Wilsher No Comments

How’d you score on last week’s Personal Growth quiz? Take it here, if you haven’t already.

To be honest, most of us don’t score very high.  In a world that is chaotic, confusing, and overwhelming, it’s not easy to live intentionally and with great clarity.  Not many of know what our strengths are although we are certain of our weaknesses.  I have yet to meet a person that is free from their inner critic voice.  And almost every one of my clients has wanted help understanding their mission and purpose.  Research shows that at least 60% of Christians don’t know their purpose or their calling.  In my experience that number is much higher.

If you are feeling brave and curious, check out the next section of the


to determine the quality of your Relational life.



  • I rarely over-apologize, share TMI, or people-please.
  • I don’t believe I need to be all things to all people.
  • My friendships are characterized by mutual respect, mutual sharing, and mutual need.
  • I am able to say NO easily.

Spouse/Significant Other

  • I feel fondness and admiration for my spouse.
  • My spouse and I are aware of and encourage each other’s strengths, needs, and values although they are different from our own.
  • We encourage each other’s emotional and spiritual growth.
  • We are growing closer everyday.


  • I feel adequate, supported and equipped as a parent.
  • I have a vision for my children’s future.
  • I understand my children’s unique personality and emotional needs.

Family of Origin

  • I am at a healthy place with my family of origin.
  • I can and do honor my parents.
  • I have forgiven any past acts.
  • I don’t blame my family for my issues or problems today.


If you answered Yes to all 15 questions, you are living the abundant life!

If you answered Yes to 11-14 questions, you are living a full life but not all of your potential has been realized.

If you answered Yes to 6-10 questions, you are surviving more than thriving.

If you answered Yes to 0-5 questions, God has so much more to offer you.


A life that is whole, full, abundant, and intentional does not come without some work.  Without work, we drift.  DriftingThe 2nd law of thermodynamics states that entropy will increase over time.  That means that without intervention, our lives will drift into disorder.  Don’t let that happen to your life and the purposes that God has called you to.  You’ve been created to glorify Him as you reflect your slice of His image.

Get intentional.  If your score is not as high as you’d like, reach out for help to someone who can guide you to a better place.  Envision what you’d like to accomplish.  If you consider yourself a people-pleaser, spend time defining what you’d like to be instead.  Would you rather be a God-pleaser?  Make a choice to think of the possibilities instead of the past.  Your brain cannot look at the problem AND the solution at the same time, so get active and look toward your goal.

If you would like to find out how life coaching can help you with your personal or relational goals, complete this form for a free 30 minute phone session.