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Whatcha Doing on Friday?

Posted on 06/14/17 by Dale Wilsher No Comments

Hi everyone!

If you are free this Friday, June 16, join me on Channelmom radio as we talk about understanding the personality types of our children.


This will be great information for you if you

  • sometimes wonder what makes your child tick
  • struggle to understand your child
  • get triggered by their behaviors
  • are curious to know why they are so different from you
  • desperately need to find a way to communicate and connect with your child

After an overview of all types, we will focus this episode on our little extroverts.


Listen in this Friday from 1:00-1:30pm on the radio (94.7 FM), online (94.7 The Word Online) or watch us on FB Live and type your personality questions into the comment bar.  ChannelMom’s page on Facebook is:


As an extra bonus…

There will be 2 free Tip Sheets on my website for you to download, one for parents of introverts and one for parents of extroverts.

Don’t miss out!


Is it Possible to be Real without TMI?

Posted on 06/29/16 by DaleWilsher 1 Comment

Hi everyone. I hope y’all are having a restful and rejuvenating summer.  For all you moms of young kiddos: take naps, pace yourself, and remember that fall is coming.

This weekend I will be a guest on the ChannelMom broadcast on KRKS, 94.7FM, discussing the dangers of “I’m Fine” and what to say that is honest and real but not TMI.

Check out this link: to learn more or listen live.

Tune in on Friday July 1 @ 1PM  and Saturday July 2 @ 7AM and @ 2:30PM.