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Rest for the Soul of the Busy Mom

Coming Soon.  A 6 week study for busy moms who are weary and burdened and yet desire growth and abundance.  Jesus’ offer of a light, easy and restful life with Him is available as we recognize the issues that weigh us down, kill our hearts and keep us from growing in our relationship with Him.  This study teaches women how to experience freedom and excitement in our relationships with God, ourselves and others as we learn to live in truth and grace.

Twilight Illuminated

The Twilight novels and film series is a worldwide phenomenon that has successfully stirred the hearts of girls and tapped into that place inside each of us that longs to be loved.  Dale believes that this fascination with the story of Bella offers parents a wonderful opportunity to introduce or reinforce spiritual truths with their daughters using the story of Twilight as a modern-day parable.  Her 11-week Bible study for teen girls uses themes and characters from Twilight to explore topics such as idolatry, love v. infatuation, temptation, self-image, and good v. evil.

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