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Would a coach be right for you?


A coaching relationship is an intentional partnership formed for the purpose of pursing goals and dreams, discovering passions, finding clarity and purpose, and experiencing the abundant life offered to each one of us.


While counseling facilitates healing by looking back into the past to overcome problems and weaknesses, coaching inspires positive change and growth by pressing forward toward goals by building your signature skills.  As a Certified Professional Life Coach, credentialed at the ACC level, Dale will guide you through challenges to help you move forward and make changes with confidence.  She will also provide the resources and tools so that you may discover unrealized strengths, gifts and abilities.


Dale shares her expertise in spiritual and emotional growth, personality styles, and entrepreneurial business to enable her clients to move from where they are to where they want to be.  Areas in which coaching is applicable:

  • navigate transition and build confidence in personal or professional life
  • get unstuck from debilitating habits and limiting beliefs and live with positivity
  • live proactively instead of reactively making intentional decisions in all areas of life
  • identify signature strengths, DISC personality style, and values to pursue what matters most
  • define and live out your unique vision and purpose in life
  • parent joyfully and intentionally with your child’s personality in mind
  • create and maintain healthy boundaries with family, friends, and colleagues
  • improve time management and work/life balance
  • nuture a rich and real relationship with God
  • provide motivation, discipline, and accountability for lasting change



Check out 2 NEW Coaching Programs coming this fall:

The Off To Work Moms Group Coaching Program for the mom who wants or needs to go back to work and doesn’t quite know where to start.   Click here for more information.

The Mom Network Drop-In Group Coaching for the mom who who desires practical wisdom for abundant living.  Click here for more information.


To schedule a free 30 minute phone consultation and experience the benefits of coaching, completed submit the Initial Consultation Prep Form.  Dale will respond to you within 48 hours and schedule your call.

Check out what clients are saying about their coaching experience here.

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