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Did I Just Say That Out Loud?

Posted on October 14, 2014 by DaleWilsher 4 Comments

studio-shot-youngWhen my daughter, Caroline, was a wee 4 years old she accompanied me on a shopping trip to Walmart.  As we entered the store I found a cart that didn’t seem to have alignment problems (what in the world are people doing to those carts?) and placed her in the child seat facing me.   We tooled around the store picking up light bulbs, printer ink, Polly Pockets, socks, and everything on my grocery list.  As a multi-tasker I love a super store like Walmart where I can buy hardware, software, and underwear all in the same place, but as a mom I realize that covering the surface area equivalent to a football field wears my kiddos out.  And when my kiddos are worn out, they don’t always do or say the greatest stuff.  This was one of those days.


When we finally wheeled up to the checkout line Caroline was melting down, whining about the kids seat and begging for skittles like a crack addict jonesing for a hit.  I unloaded all the goods onto the conveyor belt amidst more whining and prayed for patience as I moved up in line.  And then all of the sudden, my child became completely still and silent.  Let me repeat that.  My child became completely still and silent.  This is what us moms call a m-i-r-a-c-l-e.  God had heard my cries!  I was so thankful for the relief that I didn’t even noticed why she was so quiet.  And then I thought “Oh my gosh, she might be choking” (mom miracles don’t usually last too long) so I quickly turned back to check on her, ready to hoist her from the cart and administer the Heimlich maneuver but instead I found her breathing normally and staring intently at the check out guy.  She was enthralled with this man.  Nomally four year olds aren’t that into service workers so as I pushed the cart up to the register I glanced at him.  “Hmmm, he looks unusual,” I thought, “but I can’t quite put my finger on it.”  It was then that Caroline, my sweet worn out child, looked me straight in the face and declared “Mama, he looks like a monkey.”  She did not just say that out loud, did she?  Oh my Gosh!  I peeked at the check out man in horror because the fruit of my womb had just called him a monkey AND because Caroline was right, he did look just like a monkey.  I mumbled an apology, grabbed our groceries, and wheeled out of there as fast as possible.   On the way out the door I realized that Caroline is a Sanguine.


The Popular Sanguine, aka Entertainer, aka Promoter, aka Monkey (apparently it takes one to know one) are all talkers.  I have a bunch of Entertainers at my house.  My youngest, Ansley, is one.  This is the speaking order at the dinner table:  Ansley, Dale, Ansley, Ansley, Casey, Ansley, Savannah, Ansley, Ansley, Ansley.  Entertainers will talk to anyone anywhere:  the dog, the postman, total strangers, you name it, all they need is an audience.  They tell people anything.  They will share about their finances, their weight, and their issues.  They are open and honest (most of the time, sometimes they embellish just a teensy bit) and always embarrass their Melancholy spouses.


Entertainers like things to be done the happy way.  Proverbs 15:15 “All the days of the oppressed are wretched, but the cheerful heart has a continual feast.”  Their world is all sunshine and roses, even if they have to pretend to live there.  If you ask them how they are doing, they will say GREAT! and mean it.  You will too due to their optimistic spirit and outgoing way.


Entertainers are carefree and full of hope.  They have a childlike faith and trusting heart.  They naturally give and receive grace more than truth.  Sanguines are emotional.  They cry at Hallmark commercials and Stuart Little.  Entertainers are really funny and have a great sense of humor.  They have an abundance of energy and enthusiasm.


They are touchy-feely.  Entertainers are the huggers.  During lunchtime at Chick-Fil-A one day, I let my two youngers go it alone in the play area while I ordered lunch.  Yes, they were old enough and No, no one who looked like a serial killer was sitting back there.  I don’t think serial killers have the patience to endure the close quarters and screaming in the Chick-Fil-A play area.  I went back to check on them a few minutes later and found Ansley velcroed to the chest of one of the dads, who was staring straight at me wide eyed and mystified.  He had no idea what to do because her affections were unsolicited and he did not want to appear as though he was a child predator, so he kept his arms held wide while she hugged away.  After I peeled her off of him, we agreed that I had some work to do before the teenage years.


The great desire of Entertainers is to have fun.  These are the people who buy boats and jet skis.  They wear big jewelry, and brightly colored clothes.  They read fun magazines like Glamour, People, and In Style.  They are charming social butterflies who tell interesting stories.  Entertainers plan and enjoy parties of all kinds.  “Celebrate God. Sing together — everyone! All you honest hearts, raise the roof!” (Psalm 32:11 MSG)  They love to celebrate, but when the fun goes away they get sad and eat.  Many of the contestants on The Biggest Loser are Entertainers.


Sanugines have lots and lots of friends and quantity usually wins over quality.  I was lamenting to a Sanguine that one of my sanguine daughters had a large network of friends but her relationships seemed shallow.  I said that I wanted her to find some friends that she could dig in with, and this Sanguine asked “Is that really necessary?”  Quantity over quality.  Sanguines love, love, love people and most of their memories are of people, not places or things.  The most horrible punishment you could ever give an Entertainer is to make them spend time in their room ALONE.  Entertainers want to be liked and can fall into the people-pleasing trap more easily than any other temperaments.


Entertainers make great evangelists, salesman, marketing majors, sorority girls, and youth ministry leaders.  One of the most famous Biblical Entertainers was the apostle Peter.  He was very dramatic, often speaking up for the rest of the disciples. Sometimes he spoke before thinking. One moment, in front of the crowd, he promises to never forsake Christ. A while later he denied even knowing the Lord.  Entertainers aren’t too good at follow-through.  We see Peter’s energy and impulsivity when he jumped out on the water with Jesus, when her cut off the soldier’s ear and when he wanted to build three tabernacles at the transfiguration.  He loved his friends and would do anything for them.


Other famous Entertainers who like to have fun are Bill Clinton, Goldie Hawn, Cameron Diaz, Rachel Ray, Jessica Simpson, Kelly Ripa, and Kim Kardashian.


Who do you know that is an Entertainer?  How does their honesty, their joy, their humor, their enthusiasm, their energy, and their love for people enrich your life?


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  • Casey Jo says:

    This is such a great post!!! So what I needed today and helped me look at my sweet 5 year old “Entertainer” a little different. Thank you so much

    • DWSkram says:

      Casey Jo, Thanks for commenting. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated. Your sweet Entertainer is a blessed girl.

  • Shannon says:

    Each of your posts makes me laugh, pause to think and greatly appreciate how you share life in an honest and provoking way!! To elicit both laughter and thinking from this Choleric is impressive 🙂

    • DWSkram says:

      Shannon! Thanks! Insight through the lens of humor is how God sneaks things into my heart and mind. Sounds like God works on us in similar ways.

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