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Real Grace, Real Friends

Have you ever wanted to be a better friend, someone who is able to offer real grace to others?  Dale describes her personal path to grace-filled friendships with candor and humor.  The first steps of her journey to offer grace began by first learning to receive grace through brokenness, humility, and honesty. From that fulfilled place Dale illustrates how we can offer our friends the authentic qualities of grace through courage, support and freedom.

 The Invisible Woman:  Does Anyone See Me?

Do you ever feel invisible as a wife, a woman, or a mom?  At some point most women feel unnoticed and unappreciated by the world, their families, and other significant people in their lives.  Have you lived as a tomboy with your femininity going unrecognized for years? Looking at Hagar, an invisible woman from the book of Genesis, who came to know “the God who sees me”, Dale shows us how the experience of being seen by God can transform our hidden, mundane lives and allow us to see ourselves, others and God in a new and encouraging way.

Seeing Your Husband in a Positive Light

Dale describes the three deeply rooted roles that women play when conflict arises in our relationships (rescuers who meet our needs by fixing others, persecutors who meet our needs by judging others, and victims who meet our needs by letting others take responsibility) and how these roles keep us from healthy and loving relationships with God and others.  She describes the three actions that we need to take to move toward real connection and leave a lasting legacy.

If Only They Would Change…

Do you have a difficult relationship or a life circumstance that you have tried to control and fix and yet cannot seem to change?  Do you feel weighed down by the responsibility of making it all better and yet feel like you have no choice?    Through her own story of trying to fix another person that left her exhausted and broken, Dale reveals the hidden expectations we bring to relationships that can lead to a misplaced focus and inauthentic life and how a unique encounter with God can shift that focus, allow us to take responsibility for ourselves, and experience the transformation we long for.

Rest for our Weary Souls

Never Stop Improving.  That is the motto of Lowes Home Improvement store and the motto of many of us who seek to make life better for ourselves or someone we love.  And yet this attitude of striving is a tiring way to live.  Dale shows us through her own experience that our distorted view of God and our weak consciences that drive this behavior can be redeemed by a the simple invitation from Jesus.

Hide & Seek:  the Game of Authenticity

Did you play Hide & Seek as a child?  Are you still playing the game now by hiding parts of your life that you fear might be rejected, judged or fixed by those around you?  And yet authenticity, exposing the real you, is the secret to real connection.  Dale shows us how to come out of hiding and encourage other women to do the same by creating an atmosphere of safety.

Holiday Messages:

Authentic Gratitude

The season of thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on our many blessings but do you ever struggle to feel grateful? Gratitude doesn’t always come easy.  Dale examines our attitudes of striving that keep us from celebrating our victories, our tendencies to live in the past or the future and miss out on the wonder of the present, and the lack of acceptance that keeps us from our coming hope, so that we can start living with authentic and abundant gratitude.

Christmas Pressure:  Choosing the Christmas that God Wants

Does Christmas stress you out?  It does for most women based on the voices of Christmas past, present and future that pressure us and cause us to work tirelessly to create perfect holiday for our families. In this message Dale helps us to identify those voices, the true values we want to live out at Christmas and three Christmas goals to keep the season focused on Christ.  The real Christmas story is woven throughout the talk.

An Upside Down Christmas

It seems as though there is a script for the perfect Christmas season that every woman tries to act out year after year with voices from Christmas past, present, and future directing her actions and activities.  She can feel enormous pressure around the holiday expectations to make the advent season special for everyone in her family and in doing so miss out on real Christmas.  Looking at the birth of Jesus, Dale shows how the real nativity just like the kingdom of God, is upside down compared to our version of Christmas and how that reality can change our entire experience of the holiday season.

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