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Off To Work Moms Registration

If you are a mom who is planning to head back to work and would like some direction and guidance to find a great job, register now for the Off to Work Moms Group Coaching Program.

In this six session group coaching program you’ll learn about:

  • The marketable skills you already possess and how to leverage them to find meaningful work.
  • The jobs that maximize your strengths and allow you to contribute your best to the world.
  • Your unique personality type, your signature strengths, and the ideal environments in which to work.
  • Your personal values and how to align them with your work.
  • Your vision, mission and purpose and how they can direct your path.
  • Your personal network and how the people you already know can help you land a great job.


The Off to Work Moms Coaching Program consists of six group coaching sessions, 90 minutes in length, in a conference call format starting Monday 9/25/17 1:00-2:30pm MST and ending Monday 12/4/17. The group will meet every other week and hold no more than 6-8 participants. Each participant will receive a DISC personality assessment report, two 45 minute individual coaching sessions, six 90 minute group sessions, a private FB group, tools, handouts and homework to help you get off to work. The total cost is $499 from now until August 31. September 1 the cost will rise to $569.


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