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A Woman’s Guide on How to Abide

What exactly does it mean to abide in God?  Dale teaches us how to make each moment a companion activity with God through His words, His love, and His commands. She describes how she is learning to hear the voice of God and look to Him as her guide.  Dale shares how we can overcome our desire to do things for God instead of with God so that we can experience His presence and His rest.  

Experiencing God in our Relationship with Him

Abundant life is all about a relationship with God, but some days, do you wonder just what that is supposed to look like? Dale explores issues that keep us from real relationship with God, like living from our heads instead of our hearts and separating our everyday lives from our spiritual lives.  She defines true servanthood and compares it to the belief ingrained in many of us that our spiritual walk is based upon how hard we work for God. Dale challenges us to leave behind our self-sufficiency and independence, admit that we are spiritually poor, and embrace the blessing in that realization.

Experiencing God through the Body of Christ

To experience the loving character of God we must be connected to His people.  Although we may know His love and comfort, we will never feel it until we experience it through His people.  Dale explores the  diversity in the church, our dependence on one another, and how to achieve unity through suffering and rejoicing together.

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