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Real.Life Check-Up: WORK

Posted on May 16, 2017 by Dale Wilsher No Comments

Are you living wholly, fully, abundantly, and intentionally?

That is our question.  It’s a big one, with high standards, and wide borders.  And it’s important since this is the only life we’ve got.

In the last two posts, we’ve looked at whole, full, abundant, and intentional living in two big areas:  personal growth and relationships.

Today we will look at work.

woman's work war poster

Are you living large in your area of service, whether you get paid or not?  Do you consider your work a job or a career? What if you could take that up a notch and think of your work as your calling?  Now, that’s something to shoot for.

60% of Christians have NO idea about their calling.  Do you know yours?


Take this short quiz to determine how healthy you are with work:

  • I love my work.
  • My job is a great fit for me.
  • 80% of who I am lines up with 80% of what I do.
  • My income is sufficient for my needs.
  • Daily work tasks have significance because I can tie them to my purpose.
  • My work allows me to contribute my strengths to others.
  • I have a good work/life balance.
  • I see opportunities for growth and promotion.
  • I’m proud of the work I’m accomplishing.

If you answered Yes to all 9 questions, you are enjoying abundant work!

If you answered Yes to 6-8 questions, your work is full and whole but not all of your potential has been realized.

If you answered Yes to 3-5 questions, you are surviving more than thriving at work.

If you answered Yes to 0-2 questions, God has so much more to offer you through work.


In a 2003 study of the American workforce, only 50.7% of respondents said they’re satisfied with their current jobs.  That number had actually gone down 15% from a study just 10 years prior.

If this describes your feelings, remember God designed you for abundant work.  He has given you a calling.  You have been wired with amazing strengths to reflect a slice of His image in your home and in the world.  He wants you to use them, contribute them, and let them bless others.

If you don’t know what your signature strengths are, start by taking a DISC personality test.  Ask me how.




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