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Weekend retreats give us special opportunities for self-reflection and group dynamic interactions  as well as the time to develop and explore a particular theme.  Most of Dale’s talks can be combined or expanded into full retreat themes.  She is happy to work with you to customize your own women’s retreat from her list of regular talk topics.


Come As You Are:  Free to be Real with God and One Another

Most of want to be real with God, but we fear that we won’t be fully accepted as we are, so we cover up parts of our lives to make us feel more presentable.  In Session 1 Dale describes fifteen common “fig leaves” that women hide behind that keep them from being real with God, feeling their need for Him, and ultimately knowing Him deeply.  In Session 2 Dale explains the new way of thinking in the kingdom of God and how to expose our real selves so that we might experience deep connection with God and others.  In Session 3 Dale discusses the new covering and new club that are available to his children and how to handle the authenticity of others.

“We have had wonderful feedback and a VERY positive response to our Retreat and to your Come As You Are message.  Women in their 20’s and in their 70’s have all come to our table sharing the impact your teaching has had on their hearts – so amazing to be able to reach such a wide age group with this topic.   We’ve even seen a new level of authenticity in our leadership team circle!”  

Lisa Owens, Womens Ministry Director at Foundations Church, Loveland, CO


Set Apart: Living for Christ

Dale begins this retreat by showing us what Christians are set apart FROM:  all that is common and ordinary.  She describes the elements of a set apart life and how to keep from profaning what is holy.  In session 2 we learn that we are set apart for power through the Holy Spirit.  Dale shows us how we give His power away and how to stand firm in Christ.  In session 3 Dales describes Biblical anointing, appointing and helps us discern our unique purpose for which we are set apart.  Personality types are explained in the context of our unique purpose.  Finally in session 4 we understand the Biblical purity that we are called to as set apart women being 100% devoted to God.  Dale helps us to understand the impurity in our lives, leads us in a time of confession, communion and an anointing.

It is with pleasure that I recommend Dale to speak at your Women’s Retreat. She gave a four part presentation at our ladies retreat spanning Friday evening to Sunday morning. Dale was thoughtful, professional and of greatest importance she spoke with Biblical knowledge through the entire process. From receiving her proposal to her final words on Sunday morning she was completely prepared, thorough and engaging.

Dale presented her Set Apart talk to our ladies in a way that every woman there (ranging in age from 18 to 93) left with an enriched relationship to God and Jesus. Her talks were scripturally based paired with her life’s experiences and peppered with humor and authenticity. She has a dynamic personality and it is obvious that she is student of the Word. I can enthusiastically recommend Dale for any speaking engagement.

-Kristen Larson, Women’s Ministry Coordinator, Boulder Valley Church of Christ


A Woman’s Guide on How to Abide

In Session 1 Dale defines Jesus command to abide in Christ and teaches us what it looks like in daily practice.  She explains the reasons that keep us from abiding so we can overcome them and teaches us how to abide in God’s words by hearing His voice.  In Session 2 Dale explains the lack of rest we feel in terms of striving-working for God instead of working with Him.  She teaches us three ways to “cease striving and know that He is God” (Ps 46:10) such as yoking to Jesus and Christian mindfulness.

“Dale is very personable. Her message, A Woman’s Guide on How to Abide, was all biblically based and during her talks/presentation she was very transparent which related well to the women.  If you are looking for someone who can relate everyday happenings to what the bible says, Dale is the speaker you are looking for. She relates biblical principals in a way that everyone can understand and relate.”  

-Charlene Campbell, Women’s Ministry Director, Family In Christ Church

Finding God in Everyday Life

Summer, when her children were out of school, had become Dale’s least favorite season of the year with all its extra cooking, cleaning, driving, and conflict management.  At the end of her rope, she planned a 30 day stay at the beach for her family, an event that changed her life.  God showed her how to take her experiences home with her so her everyday life could look a lot more like her vacation.  In Sessions 1 and 2 Dale shows us how to create a sanctuary in our homes and how to slow down in our everyday hectic lives.  In Sessions 3 and 4 she shines light on the striving that sucks the rest right out of our souls while teaching us how to live an adventure amidst the ordinariness of life.  Most profoundly Dale will show you how to talk to God and change the way you think about hearing from God.


Who Are Your People?: Developing Satisfying Relationships

Most of us crave real connection, more community, and more satisfying relationships but find it difficult to develop deeper friendships in the midst of our everyday lives.  Dale teaches us about the three levels of friendship (casual, close, and confidantes) modeled in scripture.  Using the model of deep friendship found with David & Jonathan, Dale details the elements of a covenant bond that we can develop in our own friendships.  Finally in session 3 Dale describes the three levels of friendship as they relate to our relationship with God, how to go deeper with Him, and an additional level only found in eternity.

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