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What women are saying about Dale’s speaking:

“Dale is hands down our favorite speaker! She speaks authentically, humorously and relates well to her audience. She makes Scripture practical through the application of it to her own life – sharing personal stories that, as women, we “get”. If there is a microphone around, put her on it and you’re sure to laugh, be challenged and walk away with a sense of hope that you are not alone on this crazy journey called life.  – MOPS Coordinator

We have had wonderful feedback and a VERY positive response to our Retreat and to your Come As You Are message.  Women in their 20’s and in their 70’s have all come to our table sharing the impact your teaching has had on their hearts – so amazing to be able to reach such a wide age group with this topic.   We’ve even seen a new level of authenticity in our leadership team circle!   – Lisa Owens, Women’s Ministry Director, Foundations Church, Loveland, CO

“Dale is an accomplished motivator and speaker with an authentic, relational style that encourages and inspires others. Her personable approach and thoughtful teachings immediately draw people in, challenging listeners to dig deeper into self-reflection and explore past & present situations. Dale successfully creates opportunities to connect, relate and influence her audience while championing others to reach their full potential as women, moms and followers of faith.  I highly recommend Dale as a leader in teaching, coaching or motivational speaking.” –President 5280 Success, Inc.

“Dale is a highly engaging speaker. Her passion for women is evident in her authentic delivery and real life examples. She will have your group eager to listen at every step as well as challenge them to go beyond their status quo, particularly in matters of faith and family.” – Retreat Attendee

What women are saying about Dale’s coaching:

“Dale worked with me to determine my personality style, strengths and challenges, and to write a personal mission statement.  I learned that I was capable of moving out of my comfort zone as a support person at work to move into a leadership role.  When a coworker left our team, I was promoted into that position.  Another way that my life has changed is that now i am a “recovering people pleaser.”   – Lexie Kelly, Assistant Treasurer

“As a result of coaching with Dale, I am more energized and organized.  I feel more motivated and better equipped to make good life decisions because of the values discussion.”  – Jill Robertson, Wife & Mother

“Dale and I worked together just shy of a year at a frequency of 1-2x per month.  I sincerely looked forward to my sessions with Dale because I know I was getting an authentic, compassionate, and realistic perspective to the issues I was facing.  Dale never solved any of my issues, she did better!  She cleared the path amongst the emotions, frustrations, and hurts so that I could uncover the pan that God had for me.  I found it very comforting to be able to work with someone so intimately who understood my passion for my faith and encouraged growth in that area as well as making faith an integral part of the process.  Since working with Dale, I have enthusiastically recommended her services to many friends, family members, and colleagues.  As a result of her care and guidance, my life has profoundly changed and I feel a renewed sense of authenticity in all areas and purpose that makes living much more exciting, clear and meaningful.”  – Kimberly Juge, Physical Therapist, Affiliate Faculty Regis University

“I think we all want to know what our purpose is in our life.  I think the older that we get, the more we question that.  Dale helped me define my purpose in two words that lined up with my personality type and my mission.”  – Becky Frost, Merchandiser-American Greeting

“From my personal coaching experience with Dale I see my life in a whole new light that’s real, pure and full of fresh outlooks on me and my growing family’s life.  I feel rejuvenated and I am thrilled to be in a closer walk with God daily.  I am fascinated by the knowledge I gained on how I operate as a person with my personality as well as other family members, friends, and even strangers.”  – Kylie Romig, Full time Wife & Mom

“Dale gave A LOT of great insight that helped in so many areas in my life.  The single greatest achievement as a result of coaching was that through Dale’s encouragement, I completed the Tough Mudder ) an 11.5 mile walk/run, 18-obstacle course) that before coaching I would have never considered.  And now, instead of a fearful, timid mom my kids have a stronger, more confident mom.”  -Client, Full time Wife & Mom

“As a result of coaching with Dale, I am more focused, organized, and purposeful in how I spend my days.  I learned what my gifts and talents really were and what I valued the most.   I recommend coaching to anyone who feels stuck, wants to streamline their days or feels overwhelmed with the daily tasks of life.  Also anyone that has a specific goal i.e.. to find a job, but doesn’t know how to get there.”  – Heather Ringeon, Buyer-Ramble on Pearl




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