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dale_homeDale understands the struggles women face because she’s been there herself. Refreshingly real, Dale’s talks connect to women’s hearts in our many roles as daughters, friends, sisters, wives and mothers, as we strive to be the women we think we should be, rather than accepting who we really are. Through rich, humor-filled messages, Dale helps women understand our issues, gives us permission to admit our weaknesses and failings, and guides us toward freedom through growth in our relationship with God. Dale’s talks get straight to the core: exposing lies that we have believed about God and ourselves, and showing us how to live and love in ways that are grounded in the truth of Jesus Christ. With practical solutions to the challenges of real life, Dale sets women on a course toward freedom, rest and joy.



Real Grace, Real Friends

Have you ever wanted to be a better friend, someone who is able to offer real grace to others?  Dale describes her personal path to grace-filled friendships with candor and humor.  The first steps of her journey to offer grace began by first learning to receive grace through brokenness, humility, and honesty. From that fulfilled place Dale illustrates how we can offer our friends the authentic qualities of grace through courage, support and freedom.

 The Invisible Woman:  Does Anyone See Me?

Do you ever feel invisible as a wife, a woman, or a mom?  At some point most women feel unnoticed and unappreciated by the world, their families, and other significant people in their lives.  Have you lived as a tomboy with your femininity going unrecognized for years? Looking at Hagar, an invisible woman from the book of Genesis, who came to know “the God who sees me”, Dale shows us how the experience of being seen by God can transform our hidden, mundane lives and allow us to see ourselves, others and God in a new and encouraging way.

Rest for our Weary Souls

Never Stop Improving.  That is the motto of Lowes Home Improvement store and the motto of many of us who seek to make life better for ourselves or someone we love.  And yet this attitude of striving is a tiring way to live.  Dale shows us through her own experience that our distorted view of God and our weak consciences that drive this behavior can be redeemed by a the simple invitation from Jesus.

Authentic Gratitude

The season of thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on our many blessings but do you ever struggle to feel grateful? Gratitude doesn’t always come easy.  Dale examines our attitudes of striving that keep us from celebrating our victories, our tendencies to live in the past or the future and miss out on the wonder of the present, and the lack of acceptance that keeps us from our coming hope, so that we can start living with authentic and abundant gratitude.

An Upside Down Christmas

It seems as though there is a script for the perfect Christmas season that every woman tries to act out year after year with voices from christmas past, present, and future directing her actions and activities.  She can feel enormous pressure around the holiday expectations she carries to make the advent season special for everyone in her family and in doing so miss out on real Christmas.  Looking at the birth of Jesus, Dale shows how the real nativity just like the kingdom of God, is upside down compared to our version of Christmas and how that reality can change our entire experience of the holiday season.


(NEW) Finding the Abundant Life as a Mom 

Do you feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless needs of your family?  Are you tired and depleted wondering how you are going to get it all done?  Do you ever feel resentful, like you are doing all the work, and you have no choice but to make it happen? Or do you feel insecure sometimes thinking that you are not good enough or something is wrong with you?  Not to worry–help is on the way–Dale will teach you about three specific life coaching tools to help each mom find balance, make wise decisions, and live confidently so that you can live life to the full.

 (NEW) Overcoming Impatience as a Parent

We all lose patience with our children, but how do you stop reacting in anger and start responding in truth?  Dale explains how to deal with our emotional brains that trigger us to react defensively and usually keep us stuck in impatience.  She shows us how to engage our thinking brains to look at the reasons behind our impatience and to guide us to rational, loving parenting solutions.

Creating an Emotionally Safe Home

Moms work really hard to make their homes physically safe for their children, but how many of us know how to make our homes emotionally safe for every member of our family?  Dale explains the three necessary elements needed to create an emotionally healthy and safe home:  the understanding of God-given personality types, the validation of difficult emotions, and the acceptance of mistakes.

The Invisible Mom:  Does Anyone See Me?

Do you ever feel invisible as a mom?  Do you ever feel unnoticed and unappreciated by your family despite how much you love and serve them?  Are you a good girl who works hard to be seen by those around you?  Looking at Hagar, an invisible woman from the book of Genesis who came to know “the God who Sees Me”, Dale shows us how the experience of being seen by God can transform our people-pleasing behavior into more authentic living filled with freedom and rest.  You will also learn how to see yourself, your husband, your children, and your God in new and encouraging ways.



Weekend retreats give us special opportunities for self-reflection and group dynamic interactions  as well as the time to develop and explore a particular theme.  Most of Dale’s talks can be combined or expanded into full retreat themes.  She is happy to work with you to customize your own women’s retreat from her list of regular talk topics.

A Woman’s Guide on How to Abide

In Session 1 (Abide in His Words) Dale defines abiding in Christ and describes what it looks like in daily practice.  She explains what keeps women from abiding and teaches us how to hear the voice of God.  In Session 2 (Abide in His Rest) we understand our lack of rest from the standpoint of striving-working for God instead of working WITH Him.  Dale teaches us three ways to cease striving by yoking to Jesus and practicing Christian mindfulness.

(NEW) The Set Apart Woman:  The Beauty of an Anointed Life

As Christians living in an ordinary world, we can forget that we have been set apart by God for holy use.  In Session 1 Dale shows us that we have been set apart FROM all that is common.  While we may feel set aside, we are indeed set apart.  She describes the three elements of a set apart life and how to keep from profaning what is holy.  In Session 2 Dale shows us how we have been set apart FOR power through the Holy Spirit.  She shows us the many ways we give that power away and how to stand firm in Christ.  In Session 3 Biblical anointing and appointing are explained as well as our distinct purpose.  Dale provides tools to discern our personality type and purpose to understand how to reflect God’s character in this world.  Finally in Session 4 Dales explains the Biblical purity we have been set apart FOR (and what that means if you are married), how to overcome impurity.

Bringing your Vacation Home:  Finding God in Everyday Life

Summer, when her children were out of school, had become Dale’s least favorite season of the year with all its extra cooking, cleaning, driving, and conflict management.  At the end of her rope, she planned a 30 day stay at the beach for her family, an event that changed her life.  God showed her how to take her experiences home with her so her everyday life could look a lot more like her vacation.

In Session 1 Dale shows us how to create a sanctuary in our homes so that we can have a place to hear from God.  The focus of Session 2 is how to live unhurried and with open ears in our everyday hectic lives.  In Session 3 Dale discusses the different voices that compete for our attention and how to live at rest.  Finally Dale will reveal how to live an adventure amidst the ordinariness of life by hearing God’s voice.  Most profoundly this retreat will show you how to talk to God and will forever change the way you think about hearing from God.

Who Are Your People?: Developing Great Friendships

Most of us crave real connection, more community, and more satisfying relationships but find it difficult to develop deeper friendships in the midst of our everyday lives.  Dale shows us what it takes to become the type of women who can connect to others by admitting our brokenness through humility and honesty.  She discusses many of the obstacles to connection and how to break out of these long held patterns.  Dale tells us how to take our current friendships to a deeper place and find new relationships that can truly satisfy our souls.  Finally Dale shows us how to use our human connections to better understand our relationship with God and how to go deeper in our spiritual journey.

Come As You Are:  Free to be Real with God and One Another

Most of want to be real with God, but we fear that we won’t be fully accepted as we are, so we cover up parts of our lives to make us feel more presentable.  In Session 1 Dale describes fifteen common “fig leaves” that women hide behind that keep them from being real with God, feeling their need for Him, and ultimately knowing Him deeply.  In Session 2 the new way of kingdom thinking is explained.  Dale tells us how to appropriately expose our real selves so that we might experience God and grow closer to others.  In Session 3 Dale describes the divine covering and club available to those brave enough to be authentic and follow God’s mindset.  She also teaches us how to handle the authenticity of others by creating a safe environment where women can experience the transforming power of the grace and truth of God.

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