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Spending Time on the Skinny Branches

Posted on May 12, 2017 by Dale Wilsher 2 Comments

In Morocco the goats are crazy.  Or maybe I should say motivated.  They are so into the the fruit of the argan tree that they will risk life and limb to get a taste.  Just look at them.

goat skinny branches

At first I thought they were crazy, but now I think they are AWESOME.  They absolutely inspire me.

I’ve recently been introduced to the term skinny branches.  Have you heard that before?  Skinny branches refer to the places in our lives that we don’t feel secure.  The places that make us feel uncomfortable.  The places that scare the life out of us.

Skinny branches are the places of greatest risk.

And these crazy goats regularly head out on the skinny branches, and I want to too.

Transitioning from a stay-at-home mom to a full-time coach/speaker has required a lot of courage, energy, and hard work.  And it’s paid off.  I’m doing it, and some days I think I’m doing it pretty well.  But as I look to take my business to the next level, I’m going to have get out on some skinny branches meeting new people, cold-calling businesses, and asking for what I want.  And I’m going to have to do it everyday which isn’t easy.

You see most of us, by nature, like to play it safe.  We like our comfort zones and the security they provide.  We like things that are familiar and certain, keeping our blood pressure and stress levels low.  We like to know what to expect by maintaining a cozy status quo.  Me too.

But I also want to grow.  I want to live wholly, fully, abundantly, and intentionally.  I want to get to the end of my life and have no regrets.  I want to see just how big God is and what He can do through me.  That means that I must embrace a practice of living on the skinny branches.

How about you?

Do you need to have a hard conversation?  Do you need to learn something new?  Do you need to try something you’ve never done before?  Do you need to set a boundary?  Do you need to take action?

Then join me on the skinny branches, the place that heightens our awareness of Jesus and gives us eyes to see Him.  Just as Jesus called Peter to walk out onto the waves with Him (Matthew 14:24-32), He’s calling you to join Him on the skinny branches.  We are never out there on our own.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “Do something everyday that scares you” because you are held and supported by the Son of God.

What skinny branch will you go out on today?






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