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The Mom Network

Feeling overwhelmed, stressed or impatient as a mom and…

  • Need some wisdom to navigate the daily challenges?

  • Want deeper friendships and healthier connections with family and friends?

  • Want to build your faith and learn to hear from God?

  • Looking for a way to connect with authentic moms like you?

The Mom Network is a great way to get affordable life coaching around issues that affect you as a mom from the comfort of your own home.  You’ll be able to join The Mom Network conference call twice a month for 90 minutes (during naptime!) to learn from practical teaching, to ask questions, to explore options, and to gain insight from the experience of other moms.  You’ll be heard, encouraged, and challenged to be the best mom you can be. 

Unlike all the significant responsibilities in life that weigh you down, The Mom Network is easy.  Come as you are.  Join us when you’re able.  Pay only for the calls you want.  It’s just $25 per session. 

Here are some of the topics we will be coaching around this fall:

  • Understanding the Personalities of Your Family
  • Setting and Maintaining Boundaries
  • Time Management as a Mom
  • Overcoming Overwhelm as a Mom
  • Becoming more Authentic as a Friend, Wife, and a Mom
  • Learning to Discern the Voice of God
  • Managing & Subduing Sibling Rivalry

Mark your calendars for Monday October 9, 2017 1:00p-2:30p MST.  We will explain the ground rules and group coaching, introduce the group, then launch into our first topic,

Parenting Introverts & Extroverts:  Understanding the unique needs of your child.

Each participant will receive two tip sheets, a personality grid, and the specific phrases needed to encourage the personality type of your child.  

Sign up here to receive emails about each month’s topic and the option to join the call.  There is no obligation when you register.

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