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Creating an Emotionally Safe Home

Moms work really hard to make their homes physically safe for their children, but how many of us know how to make our homes emotionally safe for every member of our family?  Dale explains the three necessary elements needed to create an emotionally healthy and safe home:  the understanding of God-given personality types, the validation of difficult emotions, and the acceptance of mistakes.

The Invisible Mom:  Does Anyone See Me?

Do you ever feel invisible as a mom?  Do you ever feel unnoticed and unappreciated by your family despite how much you love and serve them?  Are you a good girl who works hard to be seen by those around you?  Looking at Hagar, an invisible woman from the book of Genesis who came to know “the God who Sees Me”, Dale shows us how the experience of being seen by God can transform our people-pleasing behavior into more authentic living filled with freedom and rest.  You will also learn how to see yourself, your husband, your children, and your God in new and encouraging ways.

The Five Love Languages

Marriage running dry?  Children misbehaving?  Maybe their love tank is on empty.  Dale teaches from Dr. Gary Chapman’s popular books on the Five Love Languages to explain the ways that we give and receive love.  By understanding our own language plus the languages of our spouses and children, Dale shows us how to speak a different love language to fill up our love tanks.  She also discusses the ways that God fills up our tanks.


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