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Please Listen to those Nudges from God

Saturday night at church was rough. I’ve been riding the edge of some challenging thoughts and circumstances for some time now, wondering where God was in the midst of my struggles, but on Saturday night I fell in.  I was overwhelmed by fear, anger, and hurt (all the fun emotions) and could not stop crying.  I’ve never been so thankful for the dim lighting in there.  I made it through the closing song and on my way out a dear woman, whom I’ve never met before, hands me her program.  She had been sitting behind me and must have seen me losing it.... Read more →


Good News When You Are Not Ready for Christmas

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Time is running out. So the big question is: Have you completed everything on your Christmas to-do list?  Most years for me, the answer is “almost” and then I run around like crazy trying to tie up all the loose ends to make sure the Christmas spirit is palpable at my house. Some years I make it but then I am completely exhausted. Other years, like the last few, I don’t quite get everything done and end up feeling, shall we say, incomplete. And I worry that I’m letting my children down by not doing enough... Read more →


Jesus in Disguise

There is a man at my church, a very nice man, who doesn’t recognize me half the time. It’s become a bit comical because I know him pretty well. I know his lovely wife. I know his kids too. And whenever I don’t wear makeup to church, he walks right past me as if I’m in disguise. I’ll say “Hi!” and he’ll look at me like I’m a stranger until I remind him of my first name.   There are two reasons for this, I think: He doesn’t recognize me because I don’t fit his expectations. When people get older,... Read more →


Bringing the Christmas Story Alive

This is our nativity scene this year. I know. It looks a bit bleak, doesn’t it? No, my toddlers didn’t eat baby Jesus or break the head off the magi, although that’s not out of the realm of possibilities. We did this on purpose. And you can too…to bring the Christmas story alive for your whole family. Read more to find out how: Bringing the Christmas Story Alive Read more →

"I’ll have what she’s having…” Spend 5 minutes with Dale and you’ll want what she has.

Dale’s own courageous faith journey has taken her beyond the pride of good-girl behavior, unhealthy emotional patterns and difficult family dynamics. The result? She ‘gets’ it, and connects with women through vulnerability and humor. And without all the pretense, she goes to the core of what women really feel. No pretty packaging. No performing. No perfection. Just a real encounter with a loving, grace-filled, come-as-you-are God. And the result? Women are set free. Free from guilt and expectations. Free to live in the unconditional love that has been theirs all along.

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free"
                                                                                                - John 8:32

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